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India is often described as one of the most spiritual places on earth, and our Yoga and Spirituality Tours will take guests from Delhi, to the Himalayan foothills, to the Dunagiri area, allowing guests to explore the mystical aspects of India’s rich past and present. We will stay at Dunagiri, an exclusive Nature Retreat. Dunagiri is one of those special places where, it is believed “the distance between heaven and earth shrinks, the veil between the two worlds becomes so thin; one is actually able to perceive something of heaven itself”. Its greatness lies not merely in its fascinating history and captivating natural beauty, it is rather the serene and spiritual atmosphere of this place that strikes the mind and brings peace to the soul. For spiritual practices, Dunagiri offers particularly charged vibrations that are readily apparent to a sensitive practitioner.

Sensing the deep spirituality of these sites, ancient people built many of their places of worship here, or simply marked them with stones, and later ascetics and monks also built their ashrams and hermitages here. Visiting these sites even today, one can lose all track of time and space, feeling deep inside that one is on holy ground. Dunagiri - also known as Drongiri, is known as the birthplace of present day Kriya Yoga. It is mentioned in the book “An Autobiography of a Yogi” by Swami Paramhans Yogananda.

Our Yoga and Spirituality Tours combine the itinerary and experiences of our Cultural Heritage Tours, with added opportunity for guests to explore the culture, places and people with focus directed towards yoga and the deep spiritual history of the area. Outings and treks are planned with extra thought given and ample times provided for explorations at local temples, yoga centers/ashrams. Dunagiri Retreat’s tranquil setting provides the perfect place and opportunity for guests to practice yoga and/or meditate daily. Our Yoga and Spirituality Tours will include instruction and mentoring by a locally renowned yoga instructor, as well as added teachings on the history of yoga in the local area. (Will include a related stop in Delhi on day 2)


Through tourism, education, advocacy, and stewardship Dunagiri Retreat’s goal is to preserve, promote and support preservation of the culture, history and natural resources that contribute to the community identity, depth and character of the Dunagiri region.

The mission of Dunagiri Tours is to provide opportunities for our guests to experience the local culture, to present them the chance to make lasting connections with places and people they meet along the way, and to offer them the utmost in hospitality. Part of our mission is also to offer opportunities for guests to give back as they travel, either by treading lightly, or through contributing to the natural environment and/or local communities in the Dunagiri area. Your visit will help us tremendously in addressing the livelihood issues of the local community – from generating employment for the local community to a local market for organic farm produce. Part of proceeds from this tour will be contributed to charities and Non-Governmental Organizations working closely with the community you will visit.


December 2-11 Yoga and Spirituality Tour

April 4th–23rd Yoga and Spirituality Tour
December 1st – 10th Yoga and Spirituality Tour

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