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Whether exploring Delhi’s historical sites, traveling through India’s breathtaking landscapes, visiting local villages, or trekking the Himalayan foothills, each day brings guests something unique and exciting with Dunagiri Student Tours. Our Student Tours offer the itinerary and experiences of our Cultural Heritage Tours, but specifically designed for students. Whether an organized high school or college trip or college age students traveling independently, our Tour offers students the opportunity to explore the culture, places and people of India from a unique and educational point of view.

Dunagiri Tours, combine a wonderful blend of culture, history, nature, sustainable approaches, community involvement and education, offering students the opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience. With our Student Tours, guests may participate in a wide variety of activities, community volunteer projects, outings, day trips, and classes…all which immerse the students in the atmosphere and local culture of the Dunagiri area, giving added depth and meaning to their time in India. Not only do our Student Tour guests return home after a most enjoyable time traveling India with friends, but with a sense of satisfaction from participating in a community volunteer experience and having made a difference in the world…and certainly with a unique and intimate understanding of a place and its people.


Through tourism, education, advocacy, and stewardship Dunagiri Retreat’s goal is to preserve, promote and support preservation of the culture, history and natural resources that contribute to the community identity, depth and character of the Dunagiri region.

The mission of Dunagiri Tours is to provide opportunities for our guests to experience the local culture, to present them the chance to make lasting connections with places and people they meet along the way, and to offer them the utmost in hospitality. Part of our mission is also to offer opportunities for guests to give back as they travel, either by treading lightly, or through contributing to the natural environment and/or local communities in the Dunagiri area. Your visit will help us tremendously in addressing the livelihood issues of the local community – from generating employment for the local community to a local market for organic farm produce. Part of proceeds from this tour will be contributed to charities and Non-Governmental Organizations working closely with the community you will visit.


January 3rd-12th Students' Tour
July 7th – 16th Students' Tour
July 21st – 30th Students' Tour

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