Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sustainable Philosophy + The Ultimate in Guest Experiences = Dunagiri Retreat

We hope that all of our friends have taken a look at our web site and have read about the tours that we offer. It is ultimately important for us to give our guests an amazing tour experience, while offering the highest standards of hospitality and care. It is also important to us to create an understanding of our philosophy and the deep dedication we have towards operating Dunagiri Retreat in the most sustainable way possible, and share this passion with our guests and friends. In an area of such natural beauty and rich heritage, we at Dunagiri feel it is our responsibility to offer a unique and fulfilling guest experience, and to do so in an environmentally and culturally respectful and aware manner. Our guests experience beauty of nature, the places, the history and the culture of India and of the Dunagiri area…all while working together to protect the environment and benefit local cultures and communities...

At Dunagiri, our guiding philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainable/responsible tourism. Dunagiri keeps our exclusive tours small, averaging only 6-10 guests per tour, one tour a month. Yes, you read right, only 6-10 guests!! We keep our tour size small, allowing each tour to be very exclusive to insure a very personal tour experience for our guests, to minimize impact on the environment, and to allow each guest genuine contact with the place and the people. Indeed, exploring and sharing the deep understanding and pride the local people have for their heritage and the land they love adds much to what makes the experience at Dunagiri truly unique for our guests.

Accommodations at Dunagiri Retreat are comprised of two lovingly restored guest houses located on lush terraced hillsides and bordered by peaceful oak forests. The guest houses have been restored by local craftsmen, using time honored building techniques, local building supplies and have provided much needed income for many of our neighbors. Great care was taken to use natural products when restoring the guest houses, both inside and out. Even our furniture, designed by Dunagiri's Piyush Kumar, was created from local timbers by our talented carpenters. Surrounding the guest houses are organic herb and vegetable gardens, fruit trees and quiet sitting areas, all with breathtaking vistas. We have planted many native species, ranging from trees, native fruits and vegetables, wild and cultivated flowers, to native medicinal plants.

Food is prepared at Dunagiri Retreat using garden fresh seasonal produce procured from our own, as well as neighboring, organic farms, creating a much needed sustainable market for local farmers. The cuisine is vegetarian and comprised of deliciously prepared traditional regional dishes. Guests get an authentic taste of the wonderful local cuisine during their stay with at Dunagiri Retreat.

Our guests' visits help tremendously in addressing the livelihood issues of the local community – from generating employment for the local community to a local market for organic farm produce. Dunagiri tours offer our guests the chance to experience local daily life and culture…creating a wonderfully positive experience for both guests and local people. With each stay at Dunagiri, a portion of guests’ tour costs directly support a variety of community projects... directly contributing to charities and non profit organizations working closely within the local community. Guests may also chose to participate directly in a variety of community volunteer projects..all adding to the positive experience of a stay at Dunagiri.

We simply ask that our guests live by our own philosophy of respecting and preserving our retreat’s natural and cultural environment…tread lightly…all while enjoying tranquility, beauty and receiving the highest standards of hospitality and care.

Dunagiri guests are truly leading efforts to give back to the local communities and enhance the livelihoods of local people through their own sustainable tourism choices and involvement. Not only do our tour guests return home with a sense of satisfaction from participating in an amazing tour where they have enjoyed being immersed in India and the Dunagiri area, having made a difference in the world…but also with a unique and intimate understanding of a place and its people.


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